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Relation and Cooperation
We do not have relation with any other octopus dive organization on the internet.

Transaction terms
In the case that any buyer place an order through this web, for Dive course, dive trip or buying an equipment, transaction can be treated firmed after the buyer fulfill the following conditions: To fill and signed up the form of registration and completing all data required. To pay some deposit required through bank transfer to The Octopus Dive bank account stated herein, or by a direct cash payment to Octopus Dive. The transaction is completely finished, when ever buyer had paid the full amount of the price issued, and received all the service or equipment ordered from Octopus Dive, under a certain time based on a schedule issued by Octopus Dive.

All payment which had been made through bank transfer or by direct cash payment to Octopus Dive is treated as a part of transaction requirements. No cancellation will be applied after the point a, b, and c is completed. All payment made will be final and nonreturnable.

Scuba Diving is prohibited for anyone who have health problems like, Heart sickness, Sinusitis, High blood pressure, epilepsy, and all sickness which is preventing or as a hindrance for anyone to dive. Or otherwise be based on to the valid diving rules.

In the case of anyone as a licensed diver or a candidate of dive-course intend to dive or to learn to dive under Octopus Dive arrangement, whoever she or he is, should be in a good health conditions supported by a physician certificate. Any injuries, sickness, up to a death risk, which are caused by unreported sickness before joining either a diving trip, or a diving course activities, and or caused by any action done of neglecting diving discipline, Those all happened during or after diving activities, will be beyond Octopus dive responsibility. All payments had been made to Octopus Dive such as; a down payment, fees, registration fee, will be un-refundable, (Shall not be refunded). And all arrangements will be cancelled, whatever agreement made shall be revoked, null and void.