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Q : Do we use oxygen in diving (O2)? Is it using oxygen tank?
A : No we don’t. Diving doesn’t use pure oxygen / O2.
Because in the 10 m water /ocean depth, or 2 atmosphere pressure, oxygen can be harmful/poison to our body. In fact Scuba Diving activity is using ordinary air which is compressed in to scuba tank. So, we don’t use Oxygen tank but SCUBA TANK.

Q : How long can we dive using a scuba tank?
A : A scuba tank filled in full compressed air can be relatively consumed shorter time by somebody/diver, but longer time for somebody else. It is depending on how deep a diver goes (deeper a diver goes the more air volume consumed and the shorter dive time taken), and also depending on how much activities a diver does. (The more various number of activities a diver does the more energy needed. The More energy be used, the more air volumes will be consumed. the shorter time taken). Men and women have their different underwater air consumption. Generally women’s air consumption lesser.